Friday, February 25, 2011

VIKING VOICE: Bathroom vandalism

This month's Viking Voice: What do you think of the bathroom vandalism? 

"I think that it is stupid that girls have to sign out when its the boys bathroom getting vandalized." - Lacey Bowles, junior.

"My opinion would be that the girls shouldn't be punished for what the boys do to their bathrooms. The girls shouldn't get their bathrooms passes taken away for what the boys did. That's not fair to us." - Sarah Sharp, freshmen.

"I think it is stupid that the girls are being punished for the vandalism too. If we were actually vandalizing our bathroom then it would be acceptable." - Ashley Foley, sophomore.

"My opinion is that whoever is doing should be shot. Just say'in." - Abigail Householter, freshmen.

"The girls shouldn't be punished for the boys immaturity. Not being able to go in the locker rooms during school is stupid, especially when it's the boys bathroom and locker room thats being vandalized." Hailey Martin, junior.

"I think whoever is vandalizing the boy's bathroom should stop. It's stupid and juvenile. If they're trying to prove that they're a "big boy" by vandalizing stuff and showing that they're bad, they're going the opposite direction. Everybody thinks they're stupid and nobody is impressed." - Abbey Bengston, sophomore.

"I think it is stupid! What is the thrill of vandalizing something for no apparent reason? It just makes a hassle for everyone, especially the janitors. Personally, I hate being treated like we are in elementary school....we are in high school now and I think that people should be mature enough to behave themselves. It's a shame that one or two people are ruining the privileges for everyone! Just grow up already!" - Lori Dauer, senior.

"It's dumb to make stupid decisions that are inconvenient for everyone. Learn the first time and don't be idiots." - Monica Olson, senior.

"Stop vandalizing stuff and freaking get a life!" - Mattie Loder, senior.

"It's terrible. I hate it. A few people screw it up for everybody else, and they may find other places to vandalize, and then the situation gets worse for everyone else. " - Neal Nickel, senior.

"I think that the people who are doing this should just knock it off. What the point in destroying a bathroom? In no way is it funny and it doesn't make them look cool. Honestly I think they just need to grow up!" - Liz Trowbridge, sophomore. 

"My opinion is pointless and plus why do the girls lockeroom also have to be locked up? We didn't do anything. It's very aggravating." - Taylor Tiani, freshmen.

"This is ridiculous.  We have such nice facilities here at SVHS and for people to go about and ruin all this, it's so stupid.  Grow up.  If they are doing it for one is laughing." - Maddie Klotzbach, sophomore.

"Why?! It is stupid and immature. We all know that schools are facing budget cuts, so why are there people here who are damaging school property that will have to be paid for by the school?!" - Dani Devore, junior. 

"Stupid! High school students shouldn't act like preschoolers, grow up and stop being immature!" - Brittney O'Steen, junior. 

"I think that the people who did it should be kicked out of school and shot in the head 100 times by a BB gun. I will do the honors." - Josiah Roberts, junior. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

STAR student

High school students across the country tremble as they step up in front of the class to give a speech to their classmates they have known for years. So why would anyone decide to give a speech on front of people they don’t know on their own free will? Junior Arianna Johnson is doing just that. 

On February 2, Johnson will be taking part in the FCCLA District STAR events alongside many other students from surrounding schools.  A STAR event – Students Taking Action with Recognition – “is a competitive event in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation,” according to FCCLA Inc. Johnson answered a few questions about her presentation.

Megan Roberts: What is a STAR event?
Arianna Johnson: A star event is something you participate in and you give a presentation about certain topics that you can choose from.
MR: What made you decide to participate in STAR events this year?
AJ: It sounded like something fun to do. Our FCCLA never gets recognized for anything.
MR: What is your presentation about?
AJ: Eating disorders.
MR: Are you nervous about giving this talk?
AJ: Yes, I’m not a big fan of public speaking.
MR: What do you hope to get out of this experience?
AJ: Learn something about what so many teens my age go through with disorders.
MR: If you get the highest mark, what happens next?
AJ: No idea. [You can go on to state and nationals.]
MR: How long did it take you to write up and practice your speech?
AJ: Two weeks.
Several of the FCCLA members from Smoky Valley will go along with Johnson to the district meeting to help time and judge the speeches and also vote for the incoming District G officers for next year. 

 - Megan Roberts, Senior Blog Editor

Pep Band: pointless?

What is the point of Pep Band?

Usually the Smoky Valley Viking Band plays for athletic games, such as football and basketball. These games require those who are enrolled in band to attend those sporting events and play their instruments for the duration of the game. Some people enjoy doing this while others do not.

For football games they play ‘til the 3rd quarter then start back up again for the 4th. For basketball they split the band into two sections (black and orange) and begin for the women’s games and get the 3rd quarter off for both men’s and women’s basketball games. This requires even less dedication for the band members, seeing as they can get the night off if they don’t have to play.

Now a proposal has been set for the band to play in a manner such as this:

. Play for warm-up and intro of women’s basketball game.
. Band members leave and do their own thing ‘til two minutes is left on the clock in the 4th quarter.
. Play in-between games, Star-Spangled Banner, and intro of boy’s basketball game.
. Band members are then dismissed from the entire game and free to do whatever they want.

To some band members this sounds like an excellent idea. They get to hang out with their friends in the student section and they don’t have to play their instruments. To some, like myself, this sounds like a waste of my time.

I don’t see the point of having to get my instrument ready to play for a measly seven to nine songs compared to playing over 20 songs during the two games. If pep band is going to be cut into little pieces, you might as well take away the whole thing instead of watering it down this much.

It forces us to stick around for the women’s game (which hardly anyone attends due to a lack of school spirit and support for women’s sports) and then have us stay for the beginning of a men’s game. It’s pathetic.

Not to mention it makes for a lack of entertain for the audience that crowds into the gym. Parents and friends sit in the stands to listen to mainly silent timeouts. Believe it or not, but people actually enjoy listen to the band play.

I understand the band isn’t suppose to be like a pep club, but we’ve been aware that the band plays during games since middle school. Call me weird, but I probably wouldn’t go to the basketball games if it weren’t for pep band.

You don’t like it? Don’t enroll in the class. 

- Carleigh Albers, Senior Viking Mirror Co-Editor

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Win wrestled away by Russell

            The Smoky Valley Scholars’ Bowl team wrapped up their season with a fourth place finish at the Regional meet on Thursday in Russell.
The team started off well, going 6-0 in pool play. However the team didn’t equally dominate the finals round with 3-2 record. The three teams Smoky Valley lost to will advance to state next Saturday.
photo from Emma Anderson
“We peaked a couple rounds early, but I’m still pleased with our performance. We were still as good as any team there,” Coach Hildebrand said. 

The team that competed at the regional meet was made up of seniors Kristina Neilander and Rachel Loder, juniors Dani DeVore, Emma Flynn, and sophomores Emma Anderson and Jared Wilson.
Though the season is now over, it was a success as the team finished second at League and fourth at Regionals.
After the meet, the team enjoyed singing to “Let it Be” and inhaling large amounts of pizza at Cici’s.

Rachel Loder, senior yearbook editor