Friday, April 29, 2011

Viking Voice: Do you think Marquette Jr. High should close?

No... [there's already] too many here already in high school, we dont need more in the middle school as well. - Skylar Mills, freshmen

I think that the school closing down was coming anyway. You can either save the money now or later, but Marquette will be closing soon, whether we like it or not. - Carrie Albers, sophomore

I don't care either way, but you can't please everyone. - Emma Anderson, sophomore 

Close it, send them to death camps. Nothing good comes out of that town. - Mikael Midkiff, senior 

No? - Halie Sparks, freshmen 

No. - Ethan Loder, freshmen 

No! I think it should have stayed open. I am a better student because of MJH, we had great teachers and the learning atmosphere was great! I used to be an average D student in California and I went to being an A student because the teachers were so caring and so understanding. In California I never had the chance to talk to the teacher person to person because my classroom average was 50 kids per classroom. - Ceci Gonzales, junior 

I think it's a good idea. - Krystin Vidrine, junior 

Yes it should be closed down so the school can be better and have more learning stuff. Many students say they don't learn because they don't have as much, well this is a chance to gain for our school and have more students do better on their work and tests. - Larissa Walker, sophomore 

Well, everybody is going to say that it shouldn't, but honestly if it is going to help our school sufficiently and makes it to where we don't have to cut things like music, or sports i think it should. - Caitlyn Barnes, freshmen 

Keep the school! - Cody Hopkins, freshman

No it shouldn't, because we put a lot in to our school and we may not have as many people as Lindsborg but our school has a much as right as Lindsborg's schools should be. Our school is loved by many and if it closes Marquette every one will move and it will be desserted.  - Mary Linder, freshmen 

No, it should not because it would not help the USD 400 budget at all as far as I'm concerned. They would have to buy more books in the classes of LMS because they barely have enough books for all the current students. Some of the books are so old that they would be better off buying new books, which would cost a lot. They would have to buy more desks for more kids because some classes are so large that the kids take up almost every desk as it is. - Jared Wilson, sophomore 

No, it should be kept open! That school really means a lot to the people of Marquette! - Daisy Quested, sophomore 

Yes. It won't kill them to drive 15 miles. - Hailey Martin, junior 

I think that if Marquette raises the funds to support themselves (which they are doing), who's to say they should not stay open?  If the junior high closes, the elementary school will go extinct and eventually the town will go with it.  Marquette thrives on the youth in town and it would be sad to see Lindsborg's sister town turn into a ghost town because the junior high was no more. Also, when the junior high closes, the businesses in town will suffer and will have to close because they won't have enough business to stay open.  A large amount of people will lose their jobs and then the decision of closing down the junior high will have created more of a problem then intended. - Laura Klaassen, senior 

It should definitely not be closed down!!! If it closes down, the town will go down with it. - Jessica Rider, senior 

I think they should keep it open. Yes it might be a small town but its one of the main things keeping our town alive and if the school goes who knows what else might be next. We might not have the money to fund it but its also nice for the families in Marquette because then they don't have to drive to Lindsborg to watch concerts or sports and its closer to home. - Brian Patrick, senior 

Inside Opinion: April edition

- What happened to the dress code? That's my question.

- Seth Nelson+Trevor Menke=Jim Halpert

- Some times I wonder "Why is that Frisbee getting bigger?" and then it hits me.

- Did you know that if you say Colter! Colter! Colter! really fast it starts to sound like a gurgle.

- Quit complaining about Marquette closing.

- Is it necessary for couples to kiss goodbye to go to separate hallways? 

- Is NObama going to win re-election in 2012? Or is Donald "The Billionaire" Trump going to clobber him and become the next president? And if Trump does win, who here thinks he'd be a decent president? Anyone?

- The Marquette school shouldn't be closed down!