Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Generation of Technology

By Katie Kisor

The dumbest generation ever, that’s what they call my generation. Why you may ask? Well some say its because some of us don’t even know how to use a ice tray or a can- opener. But what about the older generations--they can’t operate all the technology that we have learned to master.
            How can we be the dumbest generation when we can think and do so many things? We have advanced so far in technology. We write like no one has ever written in the past. We write every day. In some of the past generations people never wrote after high school unless they got a job that required it. We write knowing our purpose and our audience. People say that our technology has rotted our brains but really it has only made us a stronger generation.
            I personally think that the older generations need to realize that we are not dumb we just learn and understand in a different way and at a different rate then they have. We look at things in a more creative light. Is it wrong to think differently than anyone else?
            I know that some of my generation tend to stay in the house and not go outside because of technology and that is part of the reason people think we will do so terribly and I can’t say that I like the fact that those kids do that but those aren’t the ones making a difference the ones making a difference are the ones out their using their voices.
             I think that my generation is not dumb but very smart in the way we look at and do things. We are not the dumbest generation we may be one of the greatest generation that ever lived and no one has any right to say other wise.

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