Monday, September 12, 2011

Lessons Learned…Or Not Learned

By Dani De Vore

                The European colonists of the 1600s brought with them the beginning of the end to the Native Americans. Within 200 years, the native people of the New World had been all but massacred and depleted to nearly nothing. If only they had known from the beginning that these settlers would eventually bring strife and violence into their lives, then perhaps they would have fought a little harder to keep the colonists off their land.
              Yet, after centuries we see a similar scenario paralleled in today’s politics. The great country of America has blindly welcomed a likely foreigner into its embrace. This man whose politics and ambitions threaten the wellbeing of American citizens (and most assuredly benefit the wellbeing of illegal immigrants) has taken a role of leadership meant for someone officially born on American soil. We call this man President Obama.
              Although we certainly don’t expect a massacre any time soon, America should definitely take into account the story of the Native Americans. We have already seen what a supposed foreigner can do to a country. Across the country banks, automakers, and the housing market have been nationalized, causing the downfall of the free market. This has allowed the government to push its own agenda and spend other peoples’ money instead of its own.
             In addition to this, Obama has increased the national deficit more in two-and-a-half years than have all the previous presidents combined. He refuses to address energy problems. He also will not allow American oil companies to drill for oil on our land. Insisting upon purchasing oil from foreign countries, Obama himself has caused gas prices to skyrocket in the U.S.As if these problems aren’t enough, the unemployment rate has increased dramatically, leaving families without income. Is this the kind of leader we want in our country? We have elected a man who cannot technically prove his own citizenship. As ABC television host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel puts it, the only difference between Obama and his dog Bo is that Bo has papers.
            Hopefully in the upcoming election America will not make the same mistake once again. Let’s all learn a lesson from the Native Americans and keep the foreigners out of power.

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