Monday, September 12, 2011

Poor Image

By Katie Kisor
People travel in a pack looking for their next victim, willing to stomp on anyone who gets in his or her way. They are called the wolves of the great wilderness, starving to get that next juicy story. But are they out of control?

Many people say that the paparazzi are out of control. They say that they are monsters when it comes to people’s private life. Do they even know the boundary to respect the privacy of the people they use as their victims? Do they understand the hurt that they can cause?
Why should we care about Charlie Sheen’s latest breakdown? Or what crazy stunt the celebrities are pulling now? Did the paparazzi cause the death of Princess Diana?  Shouldn’t a reporter respect the privacy of people and even the safety of those people, even if they are a public figure?
In my opinion there are certain stories that a reporter should write and there are those that they shouldn’t write. There are certain boundaries that should not be crossed, certain ethics that should be followed. Taking a picture of a celebrity out doing there daily lives out in the public. Trying to take pictures of them doing things on their private property now that is over the line that is privacy and that is a line that reporters should not pass another example of a line that should not be crossed is would be the death of Princess Diana in Paris.
According to Princess Diana’s death that occurred when her car swerved trying to avoid a group of photographers on motorcycles.  I think that the photographers should have known that they had passed the boundary lines and then maybe it wouldn’t have caused such and ugly mess, and have taken an innocent life.
Reports must be responsible for their actions and they must know the boundaries into what is private and what is publicity. They must the difference between to much and just enough other wise. They are just the wolves of the great wilderness. 

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