Friday, September 23, 2011

School is what you make of it

            A majority of our school has had Mrs. Krehbiel in one math class or another. Have any of you ever looked above her chalkboard to see some very true words? There it states: “school is what you make of it.”
            I have gotten to the point where I am sick of people complaining about having to go to school. I’m not trying to be hypocritical, because sometimes I catch myself complaining, too. It can be a pain to wake up 5:30 for some of you, or waiting until 7:50 for others, five days a week, and staying up until midnight trying to finish homework. I understand.
            Can you honestly say you hate school? We live in an extremely privileged country where we have an education that many kids around the world would love to have. You probably wouldn’t want to go to school in Europe either, where they have 2-3 hours of homework every night. Be thankful for what has been given to you.
            For those of you that don’t even come to school…why? I know you want your freedom, and you’re just absolutely sick of high school (trust me, I am too), but just hang in there until graduation. I’m not going to be the one to call you a failure for not getting into college or even wanting to go, because I don’t think it’s for everyone. Do what you feel. Whether it’s starting work, joining the armed forces, or going to college, just keep in mind that you’re building your foundation here in high school. If you’re finding it difficult to have a good attitude here, then you’re probably going to find it difficult to have a good attitude wherever your life takes you.
            I don’t think happiness comes from getting everything you want; it’s from changing your perspective on what you have. Try your hardest to be happy here. You may be fighting your own battles at home or wherever, but be thankful that you do get to come here and have a chance to be someone. Like some cheesy Miley Cyrus lyrics say (because sometimes I like to be cheesy),

“Caterpillar in the tree,
how you wonder who you’ll be,
can’t go far, but you can always dream.
Wish you may and wish you might,
don’t you worry, hold on tight.
I promise you that there will come a day.
Butterfly fly away.”

The world’s a big and crazy place. You can do whatever you want, but for now, stick to being a kid. And with that, I leave you. But remember: school is what you make of it. 

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  1. Wow - love this! Well spoken and true.